New set of on-ear headphones around £150

Discussion in 'Ask The Experts' started by Yenya, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Yenya

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    Aug 3, 2012
    Hi, I am a music lover and I need a new set of headphones to listen to music, at home, on the go and at school/university etc. I would also love to be able to use them with my computer for Skype (mic). I listen to most music, if I was to pick out some of the more predominant ones it would be stuff like Norah Jones (Blues?!), Alt-J (Indie Rock), Bon Iver (Folkish), and Blackmill (Chilled Dubstep).
    I am a developing audiophile and I can tell the difference between headsets pretty well but I am not looking for anything with ridiculous low end etc, I want a good all round performer!

    I have been looking around and the 3 main contenders I have seen are the Bose OE2i's, Harman/Kardman CLs, and the B&W P3s, I have tried out all of the above but at different times so can't really do a direct comparison. Obviously sound quality is the most important factor but Aesthetics is also a really big thing for me.

    A feature I would really love is a foldable headphone with a carry case eg. the P3s as I will be taking them everywhere with me and if I am spending upwards of £150 I want to know they are going to last.

    So my questions are, are any of these 3 good choices, if not, then why not? And do you have any other suggestions?

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  2. dalethorn

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    I have all three of these, and the best sound, durability, and carrycase all go with the P3.

    The sound:
    All three have significant treble shyness compared to the average full size audiophile headphone, such as Sennheiser HD600/650, Shure 940/1440/1840, ATH M50, etc. The P3 corrects best in the treble with simple EQ such as found in iphones and ipods - easy to duplicate on computers as well. The bass responses of all three are good, but the H/K is a little weaker than the other two. The midrange clarity of the H/K and P3 are much better than the Bose OE2 and OE2i.

    The durability of the Bose is going to be not so good - very fragile and Bose warns you about folding them up and over-twisting the earcups.

    The fit is similar with all 3, and all 3 will fall off of your ears if you move your head much.

    The cords of the Bose and P3 are very thin, but at least the P3 is very durable - don't know about the Bose ultimately. The H/K has the best cord however.

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