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    Hi all

    I'm looking for a set off noise cancelling headphones , ideally would like to spend less than £100 but will spend upto £200 if needed , ideally would be in-ear buds but would buy proper ear phones if the noise isolation is better - what is my best bet ?

    Also I want the headphones for a long haul flight what can I expect from them, will they for instance cut out the noise of screaming kids or just remove the sound of the engines

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    Aug 30, 2008
    Noise cancellation V noise isolating headphones

    Noise cancelling headphones are great for cutting out the noise of aircraft engines and air conditioning, but no good at irregular and higher pitched sounds (e.g. screaming children). See our buyers guide to noise cancelling headphones for more info.

    In-ear sound isolating headphones with Comply Foam tips can block out as much as 23dB of noise. In reality this means you can listen to your music on a jumbo jet without any distraction from the noise around you, e.g. the steward/stewardess will have to nudge you if you have your eyes closed. Custom sleeves paired with a good in-ear noise isolating headphone do an even better job of blocking external noise.

    Some people prefer full size over ear headphones to in-ear headphones, but comfort can be excellent with in-ears (e.g. Phonak PFEs with Comply Foam tips). I personally prefer in-ears as they are much easier to carry around and I like the clarity and accuracy they offer.

    Does that help?

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