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    Jan 15, 2014
    Hi all,
    great to be here and able to defer to all you experts. I am lost in a sea or advice and am lost. Can someone help. I am a novelist, really into all creative pursuits. My life is being ruined by noisy neighbours who despite best efforts cannot be stopped. I work from home as a novelist and wonder is there a budget noise reducing headphone that could help me until I can move.
    I don't want to spend much as I have ace headphones for music. I need something that will effectively cancel out the very noisy yappy dog who barks until 2am and background noisy TV babble. I basically know how NR's work but how do I work them without actually having music on? Can I do that? Or does the noise reducer not work without it? I find music distracting and when I listen to it, it is not when I right but for pure enjoyment.
    It's a simple problem but I don't want to buy the wrong sort. They need to be effective to blot this noise out so I can concentrate enough to complete my next novel. Also comfy enough for long periods. Any advice would be gratefully received, many thanks. Under £100 would be fantastic. I have heard murmurs of Linder, any good? Come on pro's help poor me out before I go nuts. :)
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    Jul 27, 2012
    Even though noise cancelling headphones reduce some external noises, it is mainly the low frequency sounds that get reduced. They don't cancel out all noise.

    You might find that either a pair of sound isolating headphones might be better, or even some ear defenders.

    Here's a useful article that covers this subject - Read Here

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