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Discussion in 'Portable Headphones & Earphones' started by Welshguy, Dec 28, 2014.

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    Dec 28, 2014
    Hello all,

    I have decided to invest in a nice pair of headphones mainly for commuting and casual listening. I currently use a pair of in-ear sennheiser cx300's, and would rather an over ear headphone to give a fuller sound. I came very close to the Sennheiser Momentum's, which I got to try in John Lewis, but the earcups are a little too small which is a shame because I loved everything else about them.

    The on-ear type appears to grip my head a bit too much which will prove uncomfortable after a while, and from what i read they seem to leak sound or not isolate noise very well, which wont really help on the train.

    I tried the Sennheiser 449's which seemed very comfortable, and at £64 on Amazon seem very good value. I also like the look of Sony's MDR-1A, but cant find anywhere to try them out before buying.

    I tried the Bose range in their shop, but im not after noise cancelling, and the sound seemed a little odd. The main music i listen to is rock, blues, instrumental etc.

    Would anyone know of a pair in this price range that are a best buy?


    P.s. I also see the Urbanite xl, no idea if they would be any good?
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    The Urbanite will sound pretty good with urban music. The problem you had with the "over ear" Momentum is the "over ear" part. Most manufacturers today use that term to avoid telling people that their around-ear headphones don't really fit all the way around. One headphone that's below your price point that's really good, it's on-ear but pretty comfy I think, is the Beyerdynamic DTX501p, a.k.a. Soundmagic P30.

    The Shure SRH-840 are a very hi-fi neutral headphone that should fit well, isolate fairly well, sound very good.

    The Beyer Custom One Pro and the Soundmagic HP-150 I like a lot, but neither is as neutral (i.e. a balanced hi-fi response) as the Shure 840.

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