Phonak PFE 012 alternatives with more bass kick

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  1. jero82

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    Feb 20, 2012
    Phonak PFE 012 alternatives with more bass kick, recommendations please

    Hi everyone I have recently purchased a pair of Phonak PFE 012's and love the crystal clear sound except for the bass level. I know they are meant to have "perfect bass" but I am finding the bass levels at little too low for my liking. They just don't have that kick which I like. I generally listen to music on my ipod which is between 192k - 320k and I listen to a wide range of music such as rock, electronic, indie, hip hop & alternative stuff. I bought the Phonaks to replace a set of Senheisser CX200 (budget i know) Can anybody please recommend some alternatives which are around the same price?

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