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    Jan 14, 2014
    Hi everyone, I have an interesting scenario to ask about.

    My wife is looking for a new headset for her job and I'm having trouble tracking down exactly what she wants. She works in a fairly small office where they frequently have clients who aren't always quiet. She takes and makes a large number of phone calls and her current phone headset leaves a lot to be desired both for her to hear her clients and for them to hear her. She's asked her boss for something new and he wants her to pick out what she'd like.

    Here are her ideal qualifications:

    -Telephone compatible - Must have standard audio plug (most important since that's their only use)
    -Wireless (her current headset uses a charging base which she likes)
    -Stereo (her current headset only has one ear cup)
    -Noise canceling, both for the mic (outbound audio) and the headphones (inbound audio)
    -Available in the US (or fairly easily shipped)

    The noise canceling seems to be the biggest challenge to finding what she wants. I've seen some headsets with noise canceling mics, but none that do anything with the incoming audio through the headphones. I think just having dual ear cups will probably help, but she'd really like active canceling.

    As an example, this seems to be the closest thing to what she's looking for but I'm curious if there are other options -

    Any advice, insight or links welcome.

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  2. john-hifi

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    Jul 27, 2012
    We don't do any headsets that match your requirements - I would look at gaming headsets.

    I can't think of any off hand but the gaming scene would be a good place to start :)

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