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    Mar 2, 2014
    Hiya everyone,

    First post so please be kind :)


    Basically in a nutshell I have £100 to spend and I am wanting some decent (well best for the money) headphones.

    I listen to everything from dance to a bit of Bon jovi to classical to chart, to vocals. I'm wanting a all round good pair of headphones.

    I've been doing some research myself and read reviews, I'm not sure if some are biased so I will tell you what I like the look of and tell me what you think.

    I'm ideally wanting over the ear ones that don't emit too much leakage, and have great sound quality.

    The pair need to be robust enough to stand the test of time and everyday usage,

    Some of the below I have listened too and some I haven't. If I have I will tell you what I thought but I am only a newbie.


    Dr Dre Beats Solo HD. :- picked a pair up, listened, wasn't overly impressed and then one of the speakers stopped working....don't know what the hype is.

    Philips Citiscape Uptown :- I was very impressed to be honest, very comfortable, feel well built and liked the sound. (On par with the sennheiser 429s but felt better build quality) £89

    Sony MDR-V55:- Sound was good, build quality felt good, was a bit disappointed with the sound leakage £39.99!

    Sennheiser 429s :- sounded great, but felt very cheap and plasticy for the price. The sound was on par with the Uptowns as mentioned £59.99

    Sennheiser 335:- not seen in person or listened too but looks better then the 429s. £69.99

    ATH M50:- not seen or listened too but only heard good things about these. £90

    Marshall Major:- they look so cool! Although they have got some bad reviews but They look so cool! £45

    And last but not least......

    UE 6000:- again not seen or listened too but I believe there the only ones here with ANC (not that that's a must). But they look well built and have good reviews although some have had problems!?!? £90

    If you have any opinions, or recommendations please let me know!


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  2. dalethorn

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    Jul 3, 2011
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    Beats Solo I won't comment on. Philips aren't bad - I've had a couple, but needed EQ for the heavy bass. Sony has good sound but (can't say any more). ATH M50 is a legend and for good reason. Marshall ..... no. UE6000 in passive mode is muffled, and in active mode has a huge bloated bass and strong treble. I've bought two - first defective and second didn't sound good. Innerfidelity is a reviewer, and someone sent him more than one defective UE headphone. So, based on all this you have one real gem - the ATH M50. It has the most amazing quality in headphones - the bass doesn't roll off when it gets deep - it just stays full strength.

    Feel free to ask anything else, thanks!

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