Review of BeyerDynamic DT770 80ohm & Fiio E17

Discussion in 'Headphone Reviews' started by kinega, May 15, 2012.

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    Aug 19, 2011
    After months of research & advice from this site I ordered some DT770's from Hi-Fi Headphones. Before I talk about the headphones just a quick word about Hi-Fi headphones. They were very helpful with their advice before purchase. The actual order process is pain free, website easy to use, email confirmations & updates first class, rapid delivery, nicely packaged oh, & a chuba-chop lolly as well in the package!
    Initial Impressions.
    Very light, appear to be well made, good quality cable. These are used mainly with a Creative Vision M portable MP3 player. Sound quality is very good, much more detail revealed than my old Sennheisser HD435's. However, have to use the Creative at pretty much max volume. As suspected, a headphone amp was required. I had been researching these as well & decided wouldlike the Fiio E17. Had some good reviews & the built in DAC would be useful for listening on PC. Unfortunately availability was a bit scarce, so had to wait.
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    Comfort/Sound Isolation
    The DT770's have large velour earcups that fit snugly over your ears. The headband is lightly padded & adjustable. I find them comfortable but they are very effective at keeping outside sound out that my wife has had to call my mobile to get my attention! There is slight sound leakage out of them, my wife can tell what I am listening to. Slightly disapointed with this as one of my requirements was no sound leakage.
    I wear glasses for reading & the DT770's are fine with glasses but I have to put glasses on first, not really possible to push spectacle arms past the velour pads.
    I have worn for couple of hours at a time & they haven't bothered me at all, just enjoyed the music.
    Sound Quality.
    As stated earlier, sound quality is very good but it needed an headphone amp. After about a month of ownership the E17 was finally available so I placed my order. Another nice easy transaction & it soon arrived.
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    The E17 is a clasy bit of kit, beautifully made & nicely packaged. Quick scan of the instructions & we are ready to give it a go. Wow! this is a quantum leap in sound quality. The Beyers give a great, authoritive sound. Very detailed, allowing you to pick out instruments & vocals with ease. The bass delivery is awesome, not the thump, thump you get from a boy racers boom box in his Corsa but an accurate low frequency performance. Its difficult to describe, it's not over-whelming but you can feel those low notes with precision. Now this sounds fantastic through the MP3 player.
    Next step was trying with my PC. Now, I have just got a Squeezebox Touch (another superb piece of kit, really pleased with this) so have ripped all my CD's to lossless .FLAC files so all music files are at CD quality.
    Plugging the USB cable in initially starts the driver installation. Very quickly installed & we are ready.
    Using J River Media Player I can't believe how good this combo sounds! Everything I had hoped for & more. Superb definition, kick in the guts bass, great soundstage. I listen to all sorts: Sting, Dire Straits, Bob Marley, Simply Red, Michael Buble. Really enjoying rediscovering old favourite songs again. View attachment 54 View attachment 53
    Only downside is I need a bigger capacity MP3 player now. Most of the tracks I listened to were at 160 bitrate & sounded fine with my old Sennheissers. I can now hear the difference so have re-ripped to 320 bitrate but can't fit everything on now :(
    Very pleased. Headphones great, even better with Fiio, better again with .FLAC source from PC.
    Negatives: slight sound leakage; not really portable as headphones quite large plus addition of Fiio & cables, obviously not a problem at home.
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts kinega! :)

    Sounds like you are really enjoying your set up, I had exactly the same thing where I had to re-rip my entire CD collection, took over a month and drove my wife crazy with piles of CDs everywhere. It was well worth it though!

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