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    Ultimate Ears 3 Studio Review

    Review Summary


    Clear sound with plenty of mid-range and high end detail. Professional over the ear fit system ensures secure fit and lack of transmission noise up the cable. Cables can also be replaced independently of the earphone bodies.


    Bass response is on the light side.

    Review of Ultimate Ears 3 Studio

    If you are prepared to spend more on your headphones then the Ultimate Ears 3 Studio is an excellent introduction to the world of higher end in-ear canal sound isolating headphones (with a modest RRP of £69.99).

    The build quality of the 3 Studio is excellent, and the over ear cable loop means the earphones fit very securely. Sound quality is very good with plenty of detail and clarity, although the bass is a little on the light side. The in-ear fit affects bass response dramatically, so it's worth spending some time getting the seal right in your ear.

    With a name that is frankly a bit of a mouthful (you can tell the Californian marketing team got a bit carried away) this set of ear canal headphones offer a very accurate and clean sound that will open your ears to a new level of detail that is not discernible with cheaper headphones. If you are a bass head you may find you are wanting more low end kick.


    A good introduction to In Ear Monitor (IEM) earphones, with a secure fit system that is good for listening while active. Bass is quite light.
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