Shanling - A new name on the street for Portable Audio Players

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    Hifiheadphones are now stocking the newest range from Shanling a relative newcomer in the world of portable audio, but a very highly respected name in the audiophile community for high end CD players, amplifiers and desktop dacs.

    First of the block is the Shanling M1:

    Made for taking on the road, Shanling M1 packs all that is needed for portable audiophile listening into a compact digital audio player. Compelling features of the M1 include aptX Bluetooth, lossless file playback and headphone amplifier and DAC functionality. Shanling M1 is a highly advanced digital audio player that packing a lot into a small space, opening up a fresh world of portable listening.


    Next in the line of new models is the Shanling M2s:

    Building on the highly acclaimed M2 audio player Shanling have created a stunning new portable audio player, the M2s. Packing cutting-edge technologies into a lightweight player with small dimensions the M2s is able to play most lossless audio files including DSD256 and PCM up to 384kHz/32bit. With dual-way Bluetooth the M2s can provide an audio source to connect headphones and speakers wirelessly.


    We also have the Shanling H1 Portable headphone amp:

    To provide the best portable sound possible Shanling have created the H1 headphone amplifier that combines top of the range elements. Dynamic power is thrust to headphones of any impedance with TPA6120A2 circuit for headphone output stage and OPA2134 circuit for the preamp. Clear and powerful, the H1 maintains the signature sound of Shanling delivering potent and balanced sound.


    These will soon be joined by the Shanling UP portable amplifier and dac a great little entry level device you can use with your mobile, laptop of desktop PC.

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