Shure 535 or Westone 3 / 4

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    Jul 20, 2010
    Please help, I've done a lot of reading up on these headphones and can't decide which would suit me best.

    the side-by-side reviews i've read are all comparing the shure 535's and westone 3's. I haven't seen a side-by-side review of the westone 4's vs eith of the other two.

    I have very eclectic taste in music and vary anywhere between bluegrass and rammstein.

    I like to hear all the detail in bluegrass but I also like a warm sound with well presented tight bass.

    These will mainly be driven by an iBasso D12 running as a USB DAC playing lossless files. They will also be used with the ibasso being fed by an iphone / ipod classic.

    Of the three, which would suit me best?

    Without considering the sonics, I prefer the look and features of the shure, I especially like the fact they make an iphone cable for times when I want to go light and just plug direct into the iphone.


  2. RobinHiFi

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    Apr 28, 2010
    At this level of quality it is very difficult to say which earphone you would prefer as there is a lot of subjective opinion but if I had to guess which you would prefer I would say the Shures. That is based on the wanting the warm bottom end - SE535 feel natural and real with a really solid sculpted bottom end, bass is deep and warm but never confused or flappy. The upper mids are sweet and true and the highs are not fatiguing. It is very hard to argue with what Shure have done with the sound and they feel a bit more powerful and grounded than the Westone with more control on the bottom end. I am sure you would really enjoy both, the only way to know for sure is to try them I'm afraid, you will find fans in both camps and therefore opposing positions.

    Here are some links you may have already seen, they might help though.
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    Comparison: Shure SE535 - Westone 3 - Westone UM3X - UE TrippleFi 10 - Community

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    Hope that helps:D

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