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Discussion in 'Headphone Reviews' started by Esoterics, Jul 19, 2013.

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    Jul 19, 2013
    Having destroyed my previous in ear headphones (vacuum cleaner casualty), I decided to take the plunge into my wallet and purchase a pair of Shure Se315s. I regularly use Sennheiser HD580 and have been using Audio Technica ES55 on the move.
    I sat down and put on Opeth's Heritage, plugged in the headphones expecting perfection. The first attempt at using the 315s was so disappointing, little bass and muddy middle, the earbuds chosen just didn't fit my peculiarly shaped ear canals. I held back the tears and swapped the earbuds for a pair of silicon buds (there are eight different pairs to try). This time the slow piano and bass section came alive revealing previously unheard sustain and a clarity which really takes the breath away. The heavy metal section kicked in on track 2 and the 315s kept delivering a punchy tight sound across the spectrum. I couldn't wait to try something more subtle, music wise...Kind of Blue by Miles Davis started with the bass section and again the detail of sound was incredible revealing cymbal sounds thus far unheard. These headphones just feel so comfortable, once you suss the over ear wiring. Next, I went for a Shostakovich string quartet, which again produced such an amazingly clear sound via the 315s.

    These headphones produce such a transparent sound that some poorly recorded music is left wanting (Amorphis' Beginning of Times). There is no place to hide, MP3s need to be converted at a high bit rate to escape the monitor quality of the 315s. Bass is not ovepowering but well defined, middle clean and the crispness of top end is sublime. Well balanced but may be a little bright and airy for some tastes. The Sennheiser HD580 have a more mellow sound whilst still detailed, this is not a criticism of either, they are just different beasts.

    Well worth the investment.

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