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Discussion in 'Ask The Experts' started by ricjd, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. ricjd

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    Aug 19, 2010

    I have some SE420s which I love the sound of. But the other day after wearing them for a long while, my inner ears started to ache. So I'm looking for a way to resolve this, and think I've come to a couple of solutions. Firstly I could get some custom earphone sleeves:

    ACS Custom Earphone Sleeves - Custom Mould Ear Gels - for Shure, Etymotic, Westo

    Or could get some comfy earphone, the ones I like the look of are the Klipsch Image X10:

    Klipsch Image X10 In-Ear Sound Isolating Earphones

    From reading about the Klipsch don't sound as good musically as my Shure and are more expensive than the custom molds. But they do sound really comfy being very light. Also if I get the Klipsch then I would have multiple earphones for different uses... which is a bit pants.

    So my main question is, do the custom tips make any difference on the comfyness of the earphone, and would I be able to listen to the earphones for a long time with out earache.

  2. RobinHiFi

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    Apr 28, 2010
    Hi Ricjd,

    I have some Custom Sleeves myself and they are the most comfortable way to wear IEM's, closely followed by Comply tips which are a type of heat reactive foam.

    Klipsch X10 are very small and light (and frighteningly good sounding) but there is a little more to comfort than that. Any abnormal pressure on a part of the body will eventually cause discomfort, this is made worse by friction if movement occurs simultaneously. The more weight applied and then the greater the movement the quicker you will tire and want to remove your IEM's.

    Custom Sleeves prevent discomfort by being such a good fit there is very little movement, their smooth surface delays irritation and ACS Customs are medical grade silicone which does not irritate the skin but eventually even these become tiring.

    Klipsch X10 are very light with good quality silicone tips but lack an over ear fit which means the cables will pull on the driver body creating tiny movements and therefore will eventually irritate too. Over the ear fit IEM's solve this problem by keeping the earphone body as still as possible.

    Custom Sleeves + Light headphone + over the ear fit = the longest amount of comfortable listening time.

    I hope this helps with your decision :)

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