SkullCandy 'The Fix' and others with Nexus 4

Discussion in 'Headphone & Earphone General Discussion' started by DiNZi, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. DiNZi

    DiNZi Casual Listener

    Jul 10, 2013
    Hi all,

    I'm after a decent headset for my Nexus 4, the only thing is I don't like the type that goes right inside your ear canal. I prefer the more rounded one, more old fashioned type. I've been looking for days now and I can't seem to hit it on the head of which one I should get. Please look at some options below and advise if they will work or not. Microphone is important for me.

    SkullCandy 'The Fix'


    Samsung EHS-61 - Samsung Stereo headset with in-lead call button, white | EHS61ASFWECSTD - Samsung Direct


    HTC RC-E160 - HTC Desire Stereo Headset with Music Controls RC E160 - The Official HTC Accessory Store - United Kingdom


    iPhone 4S EarBuds - Apple earbuds - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Haven't had much feedback in other forums, given as many options possible above, please advise on a decent set of headsets for below the £30 mark.

    Much appreciated!
  2. jayditcher

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    Sep 8, 2011
    Is SkullCandy fully compatible with nexus 4 ?
  3. john-hifi

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    Jul 27, 2012
    Hi DiNZi,

    The Nexus 4 uses the CTIA jack setup, this is the more modern setup and it is the same that Apple and other current mobile phones use. The other setup is called OMTP and this one is on older mobile phones - these are the only two setups out there.

    The Skullcandy come with Apple controls, these earphones will work with your Nexus but only the Mic and middle (select) button. The volume controls won't work as they are only for Apple phones.

    The same should be the case with the Apple ear buds and the HTC buds. I can't find much information on the Samsung earbuds but there is a cable we sell that will switch the setup of the jack to make other earphones work:

    FiiO LU2 Smart Adapter Cable

    The main thing to remember is that if an earphone comes with an in-line Apple control then only Apple phones will get full use of those controls. Phones with CTIA will be able to use the mic and select button, OMTP phones can't use any of the functions - they will only get sound. Universal in-line controls (mic and 1 button) will be made for either CTIA or OMTP, and if they don't work with your phone then the FiiO cable will resolve this.

    I hope this helps. It's quite a confusing subject so if you have any further questions then just let me know.

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