SkullCandy 'The Fix' and others with Nexus 4

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    Jul 10, 2013
    Hi all,

    I'm after a decent headset for my Nexus 4, the only thing is I don't like the type that goes right inside your ear canal. I prefer the more rounded one, more old fashioned type. I've been looking for days now and I can't seem to hit it on the head of which one I should get. Please look at some options below and advise if they will work or not. Microphone is important for me.

    SkullCandy 'The Fix'


    Samsung EHS-61 - Samsung Stereo headset with in-lead call button, white | EHS61ASFWECSTD - Samsung Direct


    HTC RC-E160 - HTC Desire Stereo Headset with Music Controls RC E160 - The Official HTC Accessory Store - United Kingdom


    iPhone 4S EarBuds - Apple earbuds - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Haven't had much feedback in other forums, given as many options possible above, please advise on a decent set of headsets for below the £30 mark.

    Much appreciated!

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