Sneaker freaker x aiaiai headphones

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  1. djmafia

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    Sep 1, 2009
    Sneaker Freaker, the world's best sneaker boogazine has gone above and beyond to collaborate on their first non-sneaker marriage with AIAIAI headphones!

    If you haven't heard of us before - we started up in 2003 as the first magazine dedicated solely to sneakers. 6 years later, we still rule supreme as the one stop haven for all your trainer knowledge. In those 6 years we have immersed ourselves deep into the culture, with our website encompassing all facets of street culture.

    Sneaker Freaker Magazine - Global sneaker news, info & exclusive updates - everything sneakers

    Introducing the Sneaker Freaker x AIAIAI earbuds. This is the first collaboration for the Copenhagen-based electronics company and we are delighted to be their virgin partner!

    Designed using the classic Sneaker Freaker corporate colours, these minty morsels look good enough to eat. The subtle grey speckle on the ear piece and Y-pipe add a veneer of sneaker-smarts to the aesthetic equation! Whether you’re on the subway, running a marathon or riding your pushbike, you’ll welcome the knowing nods of your fellow commuters as they admire your connoisseur status.

    Their beauty is more than skin-deep. AIAIAI’s buds are trick enough to satisfy any eardrum’s demands for full spectrum clarity and bass performance. Constructed using a clever tangle-free rubber compound, you can also plug the buds into your iPod, iPhone or Blackberry and have full hands-free operation. And if that’s not enough, each tube also comes with different sized latex tips so you’ll know they’ll always custom fit your ears like a glove!

    Stocks are limited on these earbuds so get yours now exclusively from our online store!
    Sneaker Freaker Shop - SNKR FRKR x AIAIAI BUDS!

  2. Saiyajin

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    Sep 8, 2008
    I must say, the design and colors is unique from what I normal see, in fact they do not look that tasty I would eat them. lol
  3. Shaun-HiFi

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    Aug 30, 2008
    aiaiai headphones

    Interestingly we've tracked down aiaiai headphones here in the UK and they will be listed on the HiFi Headphones website in the next couple of weeks.

    I've given them a listen and they have sound OK. They are definitely a fashion brand with a sound signature that will appeal to the younger generation (warm, powerful bass response), but overall they seem like a very well made product that is built to last.

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