sony nc60 sound canceling headphonescomfortable to put on why not?

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    Apr 4, 2011
    Abstract from ★Reviews and Recommendations of Noise Cancelling Headphones★
    I just purchased a sony nc60 sound canceling headphones, 900 (we think that cheap or pricey?), but use it in case you open the noise reduction is tough to search out by ear, get on a plane is much like the kind of eardrum uncomfortable. Putting on a long head as well as a little bit dizzy. Would love to askyou don't have any noise reduction ear damage? How you can do this?
    Noise canceling headphones are like this, take some time to modify to it.
    Is, naturally, many people have been unable to adapt.
    This discomfort, to not hearing harm, but will make folks mental fatigue.

    The principle is always to use sound canceling headphones headset MIC pick up external noiseoutside, and then processed through the circuitwith the sound issue from the headphones the soundoffset. This offset isn't total, specially because the frequency response of MIC is just not flatand the phase difference from the extremely low frequency and really high-frequency have much more orless compensation over compensation, offers rise to discomfort.

    Typically pay attention to songs inside a quiet atmosphere, not to open the noise, then one of the most obviousdiscomfort.
    Only comparatively big noise from the environmentbefore opening the occasion sound, discomfort in this atmosphere will likely be significantly lighter

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