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  1. andy pitts

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    Jul 31, 2012
    I run 2 old hifis in 2 rooms the house - one with a NAD amp and the other an Arcam. I came across a set of oldish wireless Philips headphones and tried plugging the jack into the headphone socket in the front of both amps. The NAD set up works fine but the Arcam amp has sound coming from the speakers still as well as the headphones.
    Any ideas? - I really want to use the headphones in the Arcam room set up and not the NAD room.
  2. RobinHiFi

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    Apr 28, 2010
    Hi Andy

    Normally there is some kind of switch or circuit which cuts sound to the speakers when headphones are plugged in. With some high end items and most Pro audio amps this is not the case, sometimes you might need to use both methods of monitoring at the same time. The trouble is on non-Pro audio equipment the headphone output usually shares a volume knob with the main amp meaning you cannot turn one up and the other down.

    If there is no setting to be able to separate the twothen the only other option is to get a separate headphone amp. If you have no spare output (but quite a bit spare cash) several of the nicer ones act as a noiseless throughput, so can seemlessly become part of the system giving you a separate volume for headphones. If you have a spare output you can user a cheaper less featured unit - even at £100 they normally sound better than the output on an integrated amp.

    FiiO E09K High Fidelity Desktop Headphone Amplifier in Black

    Graham Slee Solo Intro Headphone Amplifier

    Hope that helps!:)

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