SoundMAGIC E10, E30, EH11 and P30 Mini Review

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    SoundMAGIC E10, E30, EH11 and P30 Mini Review

    SoundMAGIC is a brand that has charmed many headphone users in the last couple of years. Their great sounding and good looking inexpensive earphones, like the SoundMAGIC PL11, have had reviewers compare them to products several times their price.

    It seems SoundMAGIC have definitely not been resting on their laurels, in fact success has spurred them on to greater invention. After the release of their tiny mini amp, the SoundMAGIC A10 earlier this year, there are now three new earphones and surprisingly for the first time an On-Ear Headphone!

    Meet the New SoundMAGIC Earphones

    The new range updates some existing models but also adds some completely new ideas, some previously unused materials and more colour choices.

    SoundMAGIC E10 Review
    The SoundMAGIC E10 is a beautifully finished in-ear sound isolating earphone made from brushed metal with a choice of four vibrant colours. The E10's internal acoustic design follows on from the massively popular PL11, but with some serious improvements to the aesthetics and sound. The earphone body is made from metal, features high quality cabling and a robust metal jack plug to give a long life.

    The E10's sound signature has similarities to the massively popular PL11 (i.e. a powerful, fun sound with plenty of bass), but with a greater level of control and improved musical detail. The E10 is an improvement over the PL11 in every way. Sound quality is exceptional.

    The earphone is constructed from a lightweight fully metal frame, which ensures the earphones will survive every day use. Cabling is high quality and the jack plug is very well made.

    SoundMAGIC E30 Review
    The SoundMAGIC E30 is for those who are serious about their portable listening the E30 in-ear monitor features pro-fit over ear cabling and a robust metal jack plug. Why compromise with audio quality when listening to music on the move, when you can enjoy a high definition audio experience from these pocket sized earphones.

    The E30 has an in-ear monitor (IEM) design, which is normally reserved for much more expensive earphones (i.e. see earphones from Phonak, Westone, etc).

    Sound quality with the E30 is exceptional considering the price and compares well with earphones costing two or three times as much. The E30 has plenty of punch at the bass end and the clarity is exceptional in the trebles.

    SoundMAGIC EH11 Review
    The is a rugged sports headphone designed for serious everyday use by sports men and women. Made from a lightweight metal frame the EH11 headphone stays in the ear no matter how hard you are training thanks to an over ear design that can be adjusted to fit perfectly.

    SoundMAGIC P30 Review
    [/URL]Finally and possibly most interesting is the SoundMAGIC P30, is a serious portable headphone featuring an on-ear closed back design with soft, comfortable ear pads that also ensure maximum noise isolation.

    These new products will appear over the Summer of 2011, expect reviewers to urge you to upgrade your present SoundMAGICs, or if you're new to the brand, to grab yourself some inexpensive audio treasure!

    More Information

    More information on the full range of SoundMAGIC headphones and earphones can be found here.
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