Soundmatters Moment Personal Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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    When I got word of the small near-pocket-size Soundmatters Moment, I ordered it right away knowing what I'd be in for, having had the FoxLv2 and Dash7. Although the FoxLv2 is gone now, I distinctly remember the one thing that made it my favorite small speaker, until it was replaced by the Dash7: The FoxLv2 had a natural tonality for music, and given that and the small size, I knew exactly how to place it for best effect - on a desk, table, or nightstand 3-4 feet away. Ditto the Dash7 and this new Moment speaker.

    While the designs of these three speakers are somewhat different, the applications are similar, however the intended use of the new Moment is specifically to be in the 3-5 ft listening range for best tonality. When I saw the first announcement for the Moment, I noted the $169 price and the small size, and wondered whether Soundmatters could really pull it off as a value proposition. I'll say this much: If you can appreciate how this little speaker is intended to be used, and you give it the customary 'burn-in' time of 15-20 hours that's recommended for headphones and small speakers, you may well be surprised and delighted at the sheer musicality of this little speaker.

    One last thing: I've purchased several small Bluetooth speakers over the past few years, and while there are some bargains below $100 out there (and some bad values as well), none of those were designed for natural musical tonality as I hear with the Moment, although I thought the JBL 'Charge' (second or third edition) came a lot closer to that ideal than the others. Nearly all of the medium-priced small Bluetooth speakers are designed to create an illusion of bass 'thump' through various acoustic tricks, which pretty much kills their chance of having a natural musical sound.

    Summing up: The Soundmatters Moment isn't for everyone, and I don't mean that as a cliche - it's a unique design that offers something the other small Bluetooth speakers don't quite match - good musical tonality in a very small size, with very high physical quality that speaks as well for the brand as does the sound quality. Highly recommended.

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