SRH840s & Improving their sound.

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    Sep 26, 2010

    I've had these phones for nearly a month now. Burn in is in excess of 100hours, and there is a definite improvement to the clarity of the top-end. Now to get these little beauties to actually play in a world of their own, you're going to need to get an amp. Dont let anyone tell you that their low impendence (44Ω) is easy to drive. You're going to need an amp to have the bass wake up. Have a look at the iBasso range, or get a cheap cmoy to get yourselves started.

    Alternatively, Griffin do a little gem called the iMic. Its basically a usb card for the mac, which happens to have a reasonable dac (for the price anyway), and this dac supports a little known feature in Windows called Bass Boost (which I have a feeling is a simple EQ setting?) but it seems to work well with the shures, until you can get an amp. Perhaps your sound card supports it, but both my onboard & ATI HDMI output dont. Anyways, to check;

    1. Right click on the sound icon on your task bar. (bottom right corner of your screen)
    2. Choose playback devices.
    3. Right click on your sound device, and select properties.
    4. Find the enhancement tab, and make sure the bass boost tickbox is checked.
    5. Find the Tone tab, and adjust the bass to your liking. Its set at 0db by default, and can go -/+12db. In our case, we want it nearer 12db. I personally prefer 10db as it doesnt drown out the treble.

    Instructions above are for Windows 7, and as always YMMV :)
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    Aug 18, 2010
    Hi bro

    I have tjhe Shures, i posted in this section too. I made myself a modded cable & LOD.

    I have my Shures connected to a FiiO E7 portable amplifier. The quality is amazing.

    But you are right, they need to be 'woke up' for the bass to be fully unleashed. I have my FiiO set to level 3 on the EQ settings. The bass is crisp, full and doesn't affect the mids or highs.

    To be brutally honest, i would prefer a little more bass. But without getting a different amplifier then i am stuck.

    Its a good combo i have....iPhone 4, FiiO E7, my LOD, my HeadPhone cable. The volume is a little bit louder than the iPhone 4, but the quality is 1000x better.


    Thanks for the little tip above ;)
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