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Discussion in 'Audio Sources' started by Rizharoon, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Rizharoon

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    Jan 14, 2013
    Hello every one, I am pretty much new at audio stuff but I watch a lot of HD movies (not a gamer, at all). All my movies collection is Digital Copy on the external portable hard disk and I hook it directly to my TV through USB.
    Recently I bought a, top of the line, LED TV for movies but I cannot put up a home theater system as I watch movies at night and don’t want to disturb kids and wife.
    What I want to hear is home theater like 3D surround sound and the only option that I have is, through head phones backed by a decent surround sound processor. I want to spend under $800 for this set up.
    My inventory is
    a) Bose QC 15
    b) Klipsh image s4
    c) Audio Technica M-50s LE
    d) Fiio E17 Amp
    My questions are
    a) After little search I found out about Silent Cinema on Yamaha receivers. Is it a good option?
    b) If Yamaha AVR, there are lots of models out there, is the SC feature on all Yamaha receivers same?
    c) Again, if Yamaha AVR, can I rout my external hard disk (for HD movies) through it?
    d) Do I have to purchase new head phones or can I use any thing from my inventory?
    e) What are other options? Any other AVR? Astro mix Amp, Turtle Beach Ear force DSS, anything else ?
    Desperately seeking a good advice from you guys and thanks in advance.
  2. RobinHiFi

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    Apr 28, 2010
    Hi Rizharoon

    There are only a few options out there - Some are horribly expensive (but awesome - Headzone HT Home

    Dolby Headphone is nice and easy to use and inexpensive. Yamaha include the, apparently excellent (I haven't used this) Silent Cinema
    in some of their AV amps.

    You do not need new headphones for any of these (although Beyer give you some lovely ones with the above sysyem) however I have found that these surround headphone outputs do normaly work even better with open or semi open backed headphones.

    If you don't want to but a new AV amp (Yamaha) then Dolby headphone is the way to go, sounds great with the Beyer DT880 or the ATH AD700.

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