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    Dec 5, 2014
    hi there nice people.

    i was bought a pair of jfb 8.35 d. thank you for fast delivery. it's much surprised me. because i was ordered it on 29.11, dispatched 01.12, arrived today! (05.12) and it was not taken by turkiye customs. if it was, i must pay extra %20. :)

    thank you all for that but i didn't like your message support on amazon. i was wrote about high shipment prices. your respond is too slowly, and you wasn't responded my last mail.

    so i checked my order page 5 hours ago, it still says dispatched. i haven't got any information about delivered me. (if that problem is not about you, sorry.) this is negative because in turkiye, cargo companies takes your package to different-unknown person. if i wasn't at home, i will be waiting my headphone for 11dec-17dec estimate date.

    it was my first internet shopping. :) yeah, that headphone in your store 5 pounds cheaper than amazon, but i *had* trust problems. i think it won't be first and last shopping from you. in my first shopping, lightning shipping and good price. it's awesome!

    thank you for read.

    my email on aea3****
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