Today replacement of the old sennheiser HD465 comfort and open type

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  1. induktor

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    Jun 23, 2014
    I would like to ask if some of you know, or can recommend, a headphone (open type) similar to the old Sennheiser HD465 first edition:

    this one: Sennheiser Sennheiser HD465 (Old Version) adapter and headband (004179) | buy online from

    I loved that headphone, used it for years, it was extremely comfortable, lightweight, good response (for the price and being open type IMHO), but the most important factor is comfort and being open type.

    I could not find anything even remotely similar to this, i bought about 10 headphones in the last year, even the expensive sennheiser HD 580 and HD 595, even when they sound good (specially the 580) they are extremely uncomfortable, after wearing it for 20 minutes i can't take it any more, and prefer to stop listening at all, they are heavy, bulky and hot (well, my head gets hot wearing it hehe)

    most of today's headphones cover entirely our ears, i don't like that, i prefer not to cover around the ear, just above it, like the HD 465, HD 40, HD 460 and HD 400 did.

    any ideas?, recommendations?
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