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    Aug 20, 2010
    Ok I used to have a pair of Sure E2c earphones which I liked because they really isolated the outside sound and also sounded very good. I have however lost these and so purchased a pair or Sennheisser CX 300II earphones. Now to be honest I am not really liking these too much because I can never seem to get a really good fit with them and also think the sound is not as clear as the shure's were. They also don't do much of a job when it comes to isolating the outside world.

    I mainly use my Samsung Galaxy S as my source as it really does everything and is with my all the time anyway. But I would like something better than the CX300IIs. I am not rolling in money at the moment so would have to limit to about the £70 mark give or take.

    I tend to like crisp detailed sound with decent, not ear busting, bass. But really want something with good external sound isolation. I thought about the Phonak Audeo PFE Perfect Bass 012 Earphones as they seem to be a good sounding set, however they don't appear to be that good at the noise isolating. I have became totally confused at the huge range of earphones available. just reading reviews on some sites end up suggestions for another dozen or so phones.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks guys

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