Unknown but Great : Prinzsound 808.vs ! (1st Review)

Discussion in 'Vintage Headphones' started by GroMac, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Feb 13, 2011
    Hello everyone !
    As I am partly responsible for this new section of the forum to open, I'd like to contribute to it by making a few reviews of the good deals I made. Let's start with a really great discovery I did a few months ago : the Prinzsound 808.vs.
    The item : Although they do look a little cheap, the two white plastic cups are of the most exquisit retro style. Unlike all those new "retro hp's" that you can find nowadays, they know what the 80's were about. Moreover, the screw/bolt that allow to ajust the hp on your head hold tight and give a nice shinny touch on the side or you can keep the white plastic protection to hide them if you like it better like that.
    The volume 'things' (sorry but no idea how to call them in english) which I first thought were totally uselless became quite usefull when I reallise my two ears are not as sensitive. They allowe me to increase and decrease slightly on each side to enjoy stereo in a closer to perfect way. It's a detail but for some perfectionnists, it counts !
    The sound system : One disapointing thing is the isolation level. To be clear, they do cut you off the urban noises but they do not make you feel in such a comfortable accoustic space that some high-mid range modern hp do (i'm thinking of the AKG K271 MK II for instance.) but it is more than fair to say the sound is great. I would not like to say more without running a few measures before but they are very clear in the hights and just punchy enough in the bass. The middle frequencies do seem to get a little distorted (noticable if you listen to a long cello solo for instance) but I have to underline that the bass are quite astonishing compared to most of the hp from the 80's. If you want some BassBashers that blow your ears off and make your ribs crack then you need to think of somethong else but if, like me, you appreciate some tonic and dynamic but comfortable bass (like on the famous Porta Pro for instance) they're wonderful. To those who appreciate a perfect sound, you'll want to add an amp but that's the case even with the high range hp.

    Conclusion : I have not seen much of those 808 vs and even Prinzsound is a mysterious brand (which american name was different btw) but they were and remain very good headphones. They are hard to find but they should not be too expensive. I bought my pair £50 with the boxing but I guess you could find a pair that a guy forgot in cupboard for 20years and get them for a few pounds cheaper. If you like an authentic vintage style, comfort and a good and equalized sound for less than £60, and you see a pair of Prinzsound 808.vs crossing the street,, jump on them !

    Gro Mac

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