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    Nov 16, 2011
    i currently use Bose IE2 (well until they broke) i liked the fit adn fairly impressed with the sound but now that i need to replace i thought i would try and get something a bit better quality.

    listen to eagles and kind of middle of the road bluesy \ rock type music (although listen to everything and anything)

    travel a lot on public transport so i guess in ear or closed is a must. play from iphone, ipad and computer mainly. dont mind having to add an amp to give me a bit extra oommphhh in noisier surroundings (or hotel rooms) in fact that might not be a bad idea for good travel kit.

    do a bit of gentle gym work but nothing too strenuious so i think either type would do.

    budget £150 - £250(for the right kit)

    suggestions please

    cheers in anticipation

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