V-MODA VIP Faders Tuned Earplugs review

Discussion in 'Headphone Reviews' started by dalethorn, Jun 19, 2014.

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    The VIP Faders are such a great idea I wonder why someone didn't develop them a long time ago. Wait - I just remembered - it's because these aren't just ordinary ear protectors, they're acoustically tuned to reduce the sound level you hear in the high fidelity sense, preserving the natural balance of tones you hear at full volume with no ear protectors.

    To me, the VIP Faders look like IEM's, i.e. the "In-Ear Monitor" stereo earphones that some people use in place of regular headphones for listening to music. But the Faders are ear protectors not earphones (albeit high-tech ear protectors), and given what they do plus the build quality and fashionable look, they're very affordable.

    The VIP Faders are encased in a small but strong metal body, and come with four sets of eartips of different sizes since one size doesn't fit everyone's ear canals. I see that there are several ways to carry the Faders - one way is to just hang them around your neck with the included cord (they're very small and don't get in the way). A second way is to put them inside the little "locket" box and using that same cord, hang the locket around your neck. A third way is to just put the locket into a pocket or bag, but you'd want to be careful with that one since the locket is very small and could hide easily in a large bag.

    My first try-out with the Faders was a bit strange, since I'm used to hearing sound get very dull with headphones that seal off most outside noise, or even when using earplugs on the occasions I've needed those. The Faders reduce the sound evenly at all tone pitches (frequencies), so it was like "What just happened?" - the sound got quieter but the old dulling effect was missing. Once you try this a few times you start asking yourself how could it be these didn't exist all along.

    I got used to the Faders pretty quick, but my first set was the chrome/silver (gunmetal/black) finish, so I ordered a set in "Electro Pink" which looked more like purple or violet on the screen. I'll have to see what they look like in person when they arrive - a little less purple and a little more pink and someone else will be getting those. There's also a red color available so that's my fallback.

    Bottom line: I can't imagine anyone not loving these VIP Faders if they get the chance to see them up close. It's a beautiful little high-precision item with a serious purpose.
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    I have a pair of these and I use them for drumming and loud gigs.. I can't go without them!

    Amazing quality at a great price :)

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