WeSC Sitar and Bag Pipe DJ Headphones - now available

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by ShaunG, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. ShaunG

    ShaunG Guest

    We have just taken delivery of the brand new WeSC Sitar and WeSC Bag Pipe DJ headphones.

    The WeSC Sitar headphones comes in an assortment of cool colours and a stylish design that should satisfy the most fashion conscious listener.

    The WeSC Bag Pipe has larger earpads than the Sitar, which means they isolate from external noise better than the Sitar.

    Read more at the HiFi Headphones blog - http://blog.hifiheadphones.co.uk/2008/09/02/new-wesc-sitar-bag-pipe-bright-colours-and-high-quality-sound/

    WeSC Sitar Folding Headphones

    WeSC Bag Pipe DJ Headphones
  2. Tinamaessig

    Tinamaessig Casual Listener

    Sep 4, 2008
    I love the look of these - but has someone actually listened to them, how do they sound? I am looking for something with a lot of bass - any ideas?
  3. ShaunG

    ShaunG Guest

    Both the Sitar and the Bag Pipe actually sound very good. You might expect them to be no more than fashion accesories, but they are actually good quality headphones under all the good looks!

    The WeSC Sitar does sound a little more warm and bassy than the Bag Pipe. The Bag Pipe is aimed more at professional DJs, so it makes sense that the mids and highs a more prominent to enable more accurate cueing up.

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