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Discussion in 'Ask The Experts' started by NoAzerty, Jan 14, 2015.

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    Jan 14, 2015

    I have an ideal headphone system for me in my mind. I would like to know whether such a system can be done and if yes, how?

    N.B. It would be used mostly for gaming or voice rather than music. Unfortunately, I've got "bad ears" and can't hear the difference between a decent and a fantastic sound. So, I don't specially need the overquality sound.

    Here are all the points I would like the IDEAL headphone system to posses. :

    1. Wireless
    2. Usable with a PC
    3. Usable with a (Android) Smartphone while home (so no matter the way it's connected, through the pc or directly to the phone)
    4. Usable with a (Android) Smartphone on the go (so connectable to the phone directly)
    5. "Interference proof". There is a lot of wi-fi devices around and a classic 2.4 GHz will get interfered often. I think about dual band. (5.0 or 5.8 GHz?). Any other way?
    6. While home, the effective range should be extendable. I would like to move all around my apartment (it's not so big, but there are still some walls) without significant quality loss. I think of some kind of signal replicators like those for Wi-Fi signals.
    7. Over the ear OR in ear, but definitely not on ear. Among all the on ear headphones I've tried I couldn't wear any of them more than couple of hours. (Am I wrong? do the really comfortable on ear headphones exist?)
    8. Mic
    9. If usable on the go ==> detachable mic.
    10. It should have buttons or at least one button: for answering calls, push-to-talk on teamspeak and so forth...
    11. Usable while charging
    12. Last, but not least. While home, a PC (Primary) and a phone (Secondary) are connected simultaneously. When a call is received it is possible to answer on the headphone. It's rather a classic feature I have already had on a bluetooth headset. However, in such a classic system the sound from PC is completely cut on call and is replaced by the one coming from the phone. If playing in team it is a huuuuuuge problem, since all of a sudden you can't hear your teammates. So, on call, I would like it to transfer the sound from both sources with different configurable relative volume levels. So that you are able to hear both, the caller and your teammates. In addition it would be amazing if it works with the classic push-to-talk feature in the following way : The push-to-talk button is not pressed => the caller hear you, the teammates don't. The push-to-talk button is pressed => teammates hear you, the caller doesn't.

    I understand that some of the features may be mutually exclusive, or just not feasible but once again this is an IDEAL system for me. I prefer being surprised by completely feasible solutions which were improbable in my mind rather than not asking for it. Example : I haven't found a dual-band headset connectible directly to the phone, but what the hell may be a dual-band headset with a bluetooth connection does exist. So please, don't throw rotten tomatoes.

    I would be glad to provide additional explanation if needed.

    Thank you in advance
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    Your requirements call for a consultation, as this forum would not be able to provide answers with all of the complex details you have. Select the 'contact us' button here and tell them you need a consultation by phone.

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