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    Feb 12, 2011
    Hi I am new to this forum and joined after spending several days trying to find a pair of wireless headphones. I thought this would be a simple task.....

    Currently I am using a very old pair odd Sony TMR –IF 310. I bought these many years ago to allow me to watch TV in bed and still stay married and for what they are, they have done sterling work.

    However, I find I need something new. I run my own consultancy and spend a lot of time well into the early hours of the morning doing integrations on the dining room table work and talking with the USA and Japan. To still keep my marriage, I moved the Old Sony’s downstairs and have been using them to listen to music, TV and audio books from a number of sources (MP3 players, TV, computers) while I work. This work can extend into normal ‘TV time’ so I have to turn up the old Sony’s to compete with the background noise. However these old Sony’s are line of sight and so moving around even just in the living room causes the signal to be lost.

    I have a set of Bose and Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones for when I travel but these are not wireless. At this point I decided to get a really good quality pair of wireless headphones.

    So I need your expert help to find me a set of headphones that will match my requirements (or most of them).
    Comments please.
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    Aug 30, 2008
    Wireless headphones

    The latest range of Sennheiser wireless headphones that use Kleer Audio technology are the ones to go for, e.g. RS160, RS170 and RS180.

    The older RF radio wireless headphones are a big compromise when compared with wired.

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