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    Nov 30, 2014
    Hello, I am having a serious issue with the fact that the sound from my wireless headphones is slightly ahead of the sound coming from the TV speaker thereby causing a significant echo. These headphones have been purchased for my father who has hearing difficulties so I need the headphones to be used whilst sound also comes from the TV speakers so my mother can hear it too.

    The setup is that I have my Sennheiser RS 180 wireless headphones plugged into my sky set-top box using a cable which has the 3.5 mm jack going into the head phone transmitter and the other end which is split into the usual red and white phono cable into the back of my set top box which is a sky Samsung sky box. I have tried using a cable from the headphones receiver directly into the TV headphone port ,however this then mutes the TV speaker.

    My skybox and television are connected using an HDMI cable.

    Having listened to the audio coming through the headphones and the audio coming through the television speaker, it would appear the sound coming from the wireless headphones is slightly ahead of the sound coming from the television speakers which is very very irritating.

    My fathers set up is the same as mine. I am very disappointed that it all does not sync up as the headphones were £400. The ideal solution would be to somehow delay the sound slightly coming from the headphones but I cannot see how this is possible. I see that within the setup of sky there is a Digital audio delay however this does not seem to make any difference, possibly because the headphones are plugged into the red and white phono sockets as opposed to the digital optical.

    Any help would be enormously appreciated. These headphones are going to be a present for my father so any help as soon as possible would be great.

    Kind regards
    Steve.Waterworth UK

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