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  1. Samyb123

    Samyb123 Casual Listener

    Jun 19, 2011
    Ordered some and they should be coming tomorrow, has anyone else got some of these?
    Also, there's a lot of YouTube videos and articles comparing these to the dre beats, are these really better than the beats

  2. Eminem

    Eminem Casual Listener

    Jul 8, 2011
    Hi samy just signed up here myself ....ive got into headphones only just recently so im still a bit of a noob..lol.. but i have had a pair of xb700's for the best part of a year...
    Ive got xb700 with a fiio e5 and a walkman NWZ-A728 and it sounds great once ive played with the walkmans EQ ,listening to space bound at the moment and to me it sounds like theres a sub woofer inside my brain..but like others will say each person sound taste will be different....i have 3 sets of in ear and maybe 5 or 6 full sized sets...and for me my xb700's are always with me so thats got to count for somthing. but like i said each persons taste will differ...

    hope this helps

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