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Comply Foam Ear Tips Comfort Ts-400 Black Small - 3 Pairs

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  • Enhance Your Listening Experience

  • Specially Designed Spherical Shape

  • Optimal Seal for Maximum Noise Isolation

  • Body Heat Activated Ultra Soft Foam

  • Unique Memory Foam Provides All-Day Comfort

Comply Foam Ear Tips Comfort Ts-400 Black Small - 3 Pairs

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Comply Comfort Ts-400

What do you get when you combine 20+ years of clinical in-ear experience and Ph.D.-level chemistry with super soft memory foam and cutting-edge comfort-focused technology? Comply Premium Earphone Tips Comfort Ts-Series that enhance your listening experience with extreme comfort through a spherical shape.

These tips are also engineered with a unique foam that makes them 30 times softer than factory-supplied silicone tips. This super soft memory foam gently seals the ear canal, providing a superior audio experience and stay-in-ear fit - so you hear music the way it was meant to be heard.

Enhance your listening experience.

Comply Foam Ear Tips Comfort Ts-400

Ts-400 Special Features

Spherical shape
These tips come in a specially designed spherical shape that contacts less of the ear canal, making the fit extremely comfortable. 

Superior Audio Experience
Creating an optimal seal and channelling sound directly into the ear canal, these tips transform your listening experience from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Secure Fit
These tips are durable and gently expand to fit the ear canal's unique shape. You get a custom fit and remarkable in-ear retention, so your earphones remain secure, whether you're in the gym, on the slopes or on the go.

Blocks Noise
These tips allow you to enjoy your music in noisy environments without raising the volume.

Soft Comfort
The unique memory foam provides all-day comfort, while eliminating in-ear irritation and fatigue often associated with stock silicone tips.

Reviews of Comply Eartips Review of Comply Foam Eartips - Great Review of Comply Foam Eartips – Great

"...I'm a fan...the Comply tips are much more comfortable, much softer and less scratchy than stock foam and silicone tips."

ExpertReviews Celebrates Comply Foam Tips with 5 Stars

ExpertReviews Celebrates Comply Foam Tips with 5 Stars

"They're a brilliant way to add noise-isolation to your buds at a very reasonable price."

Comply Foam Ear Tips Comfort S-Series

Comply Comfort Ts-400 Foam Ear Tips are compatible with the following earphones:

  • AIAIAI - Pipe, Swirl
  • AKG - IP-2, K-324, K-370, K-390NC
  • ALTEC LANSING - BackBeat: (Classic, Plus, Pro, Titanium), Bliss: (Platinum, Silver), Muzx: (Core, Mesh, Ultra, XX, XY)
  • AUDIO-TECHNICA - ATH-Series: (ANC: 3, 23, CK: 1, 7, 32, 52, 400i, CKF: 300, 500; CKL: 200, CKM: 33, 50, 55, 77, 500, CKP: 300; CKS: 55, 70, 77, 90, CKW: 1000ANV); EP-3
  • AUVIO - 33-266, 33-267, 33-268, 33-271, 33-286, 33-289
  • BEATS BY DRE - Beats Tour, Diddybeats, Heartbeats (All), iBeats, Powerbeats
  • BEYERDYNAMIC - DTX Series: (50, 60, 71iE, 80, 100,101iE, MMX101iE)
  • BLACKBOX - C18, i10
  • BLACKBERRY - OEM Earphones
  • BRAINWAVZ - Beta, M1, M2, M3, M4, ProAlpha
  • BROOKSTONE - Clear
  • CREATIVE - EP-630, EP-830
  • CROSSROADS - Hippo Series: (Boom, Epic, Epic Sparkles, Pearl, VB), Quattro, Woody 1 & 2
  • DENON - AH Series: (260R, C252, C351, C452, C551, C560R, C700, C710, C751), NC600
  • EckoUnltd - ZONE, CHAOS II, ZIP
  • FISCHER AUDIO - Equilibrium v.2, Eterna rev.2, Genesis, Marcus, Silver Bullet
  • HifiMAN - RE-0, RE-1, RE-2, RE-262, RE-272, RE-ZERO
  • HOUSE OF MARLEY - Conqueror, Midnight Ravers, People Get Ready, Redemption Song, Smile Jamaica, Zion
  • IFROGZ - Ear Pollution: (Evolution, Ozone, Timbre), Spectra
  • JAYBIRD - Tiger Eyes
  • JLAB - JBuds Series: (J2, J3, J4, J5, J6), Q1
  • JVC - Air Cushion, Marshmallow (All), HA Series: (EBX85, FR201, FX5, FX30, FX40, FX55, FX66, FXP3,NCX77), Riptidz HA-FX8, Xtreme Xplosives
  • KICKER - EB72 Flow Talk, EB101, EB141, Valid, Valid Talk
  • LG - Tone HBS-700
  • MAXIMO - iMetal Series: (iM-390, iM-490S, iP-395)
  • MEElectronics - M9, M11, M21, M31, R1, SP51
  • MEMOREX - EB Series: (110, 200A, 300A)
  • MONSTER - Buttery, Jamz, Lil' Jamz, Miles Davis Tribute, Turbine, Turbine PRO (All)
  • MUNITIO - Billets (All), NINES
  • NIXON - The Wire: (3-Button-Mic, P, 8mm, 8mm Micro, 10mm)
  • NOKIA - WH-701
  • NUFORCE - NE Series: 6, 7M, 8, 600M, 600X, 700M, 700x
  • ORTOFON - EQ-7
  • PANASONIC - RP Series: (HC30, HC55, HJE70, HJE300, HJE350, HJE450, HJE550, HJE900)
  • PHIATON - 210i
  • PHILIPS - SHE Series: (8000, 8500, 9000, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800), SHN2500, SHS Series: (8000, 8100), The Specked
  • PIONEER - SE-CL721-K
  • PLANTRONICS - Virtual Phone Booth, Voyager 855 Bluetooth
  • PUMA - 360 Yarn, El Diego Social Buds, Keg, PMAD6000, Roadies, Social Buds
  • RADIUS - Atomic Bass HP-TWF11R
  • RAZER - Moray+
  • RED GIANT - INCUS-A04, Ossicle-A03, Auricle-Auricle, Malleus-A00
  • ROCKETFISH - RF Series: EB01, EB22, EHP11 (in-ear), EHP12 (ear loop), IC3BL, IC3P, JJX15, PHS2BL, PKNJ2 (mobile)
  • ROCKFORD FOSGATE - Punch Plugs
  • SCOSCHE - HP200S, IDR Series: (300, 305MD, 350M, 600, 603, 650M, 655M, 656MD)
  • SENNHEISER - CX Series: (6, 95, 200, 215, 270, 280, 300, 300-II, 380, 400, 400-II, 500), IE 4, IE 60, MM Series: (30i, 50, 70, 80i)
  • SKULLCANDY - Fix, 50/50, Asym, Dub, Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), Heavy Medal, Holua, INK'D, Merge, Riot, Smokin' Buds, Striker, Titan
  • SONY - MDR Series: (AS-40EX, EX-32, EX-51LP, EX-55LP, EX-71SLA, EX-75, EX-81LP, EX-85LP, EX-90LP, NC-11, NC-22, NWZW262, XB-40EX)
  • SOUL - SL49, SL99
  • SOUNDMAGIC - E-10, E-30, PL-11, PL-30
  • SPIDER CABLE - RealVoice
  • SUNRISE - Xcited
  • TDK - EB900, EB950, IE500, IE750, IE800
  • THINKSOUND - ms01
  • ULTIMATE EARS - Metro.Fi Series: (100, 150, 170, 200, 220), Super.Fi Series: (4/4vi, 5/5vi)
  • VELODYNE - Vpulse
  • VSONIC - R02
  • V-MODA -Bass Fréq, Bass Fréq Metal, Faze, Remix, Sport Series, True Blood REVAMP, Vibe, Vibe II, Vibe-Duo, Vibrato
  • YAMAHA - EPH Series: (20, 30, 50) 

Package Includes

  • 3 pairs of small size Comfort Ts-400 Comply Foam Tips in Black

 Comply Foam Ear Tips Comfort Ts-400

Product TypeEarphone Accessory
Part Number23-40111-11

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