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In Ear Monitors (IEMs) - Dita Audio

In Ear Monitors (IEMs) - Dita Audio

In ear monitors isolate ambient sound by sealing the earcanal when fitted reducing ambient noise while allowing the sound to be directly funnelled into the ear for a crystal clear listening experience. In ear monitor earphones seal within your ear using flexible silicone ear tips.

What makes IEMs special is the wearing style, with the cable going over the ear and meeting behind the neck. With the resulting comfortable and secure fit, IEM earphones from Shure, Dunu and RHA are ideal for active lifestyles and professional stage performances.

More info: Read our guide to the best in-ear headphones.

About DITA Audio

With decades of experience of the audio engineering industry, DITA Audio use the time and tested methodology of using the very best components in the shortest, simplest signal path possible when creating their stunning earphones. After years of exploring and researching with different materials and components, DITA have created the ultimate listening experience.

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