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Portable Headphone Amps - Chord Electronics

Portable Headphone Amps - Chord Electronics

Headphone amplifiers enable superior sound for portable audio listening. Many media players and laptops lack the output power to provide good sound for headphones. A portable headphone amplifier will make sure you can enjoy best quality audio from your iPod, MP3 player and laptop when on the move. Brands such as Chord, Fiio and Cypher Labs offer portable amps that will bring the best out of your smartphone or digital audio player.

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About Chord Electronics

Chord Electronics is a world-leading manufacturer of high-end audio products. Since 1989, Chord has been pushing the boundaries of innovation, creating some of the finest hi-fi and personal audio equipment available today. A technology-driven leader, Chord Electronics’ portable headphone amps deliver landmark audio performance and unrivalled design features.

More info: Demo Chord Electronics amps and DACs in our showroom in Sussex, UK.

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