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Amps & DACs - Icon Audio

Amps & DACs - Icon Audio

A dedicated headphone amplifier takes the line output from your audio source and amplifies it to a level that is capable of driving even the most demanding headphones. A DAC takes a digital signal and converts it to an analogue audio signal.

To get the best from listening with headphones a dedicated headphone amp is a very worthy addition to your audio setup. Headphone output circuits often have very little effort given to their design and can provide a very poor quality audio signal. Also many headphone outputs are simply not powerful enough to drive high-end headphones properly. Headphone amps and DACS can be portable, or designed for your desktop.

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About Icon Audio

Music aficionados all over the world swear by tube amplifiers for producing warmer and more natural reproduction of audio. Icon Audio's latest creation, the HP8 MKII pure valve amplifier provides the perfect match for virtually any headphone type. Transforming analogue and digital sound with stunning detail and clarity, the HP8 MKII has been created with utmost care and precision.

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