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Audiophile Headphones - HiFiMAN

Audiophile Headphones - HiFiMAN

Audiophile headphones offer discerning music devotees extraordinary sound, superior components, high build quality, and extended wearing comfort. While some models of high-end headphones seem costly, a HiFi speaker setup reaching equal sound quality would be dramatically more expensive. Popular brands such as Audeze, Sennheiser and Oppo produce audiophile headphones with wider dynamic range, less distortion and extended frequency response, enabling critical listeners to enjoy music the way it was intended by the creator. As audiophile headphones are more revealing than standard headphones, they sound best when using high bitrate files.

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HIFIMAN are regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of high performance in-ear, full size and audiophile headphones in the world. Their planar-magnetic technology is state-of-the-art and their dynamic drivers are seen as some of the best available today.

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