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Headphones - GermanMAESTRO

Headphones - GermanMAESTRO

Shop for the best on-ear and over-ear headphones available. Choose from the most useful features, including wireless for watching TV, noise-cancelling for airplane travel or built-in microphone for mobile phones. Find the perfect headphones for sports, hi-fi audio experience or even models designed for children.

Browse our massive selection of the most highly rated headphone brands, including Sennheiser, SoundMAGIC, Beyerdynamic, Shure and more.

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About GermanMAESTRO

GermanMAESTRO is a German-made brand with a long tradition in building high quality headphones for professional users and people who are dedicated to music. Their GMP headphone range is engineered for DJ and studio use and is manufactured in Germany, with a focus on sound quality, reliability, wearing comfort and durability.

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