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Travel Headphones - LINDY

Travel Headphones - LINDY

Travelling with headphones is the perfect way to zone out from the noise around you and spend some time enjoying your favourite music. Whether travelling via airplane or underground train, a comfortable and lightweight pair of headphones that reduces the noise around you is a wise investment.

Whether you need headphones for commuting or long haul flights, brands such as SoundMAGIC, Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser have got you covered. Comfort is often the first consideration, with noise isolation very high on the list and superb quality sound reproduction also being an important factor.

More info: Best Travel Headphones Buying Guide

About Lindy

Established in 1932 in Germany, LINDY Electronics emerged onto the market as a small family-run business that specialised in petroleum lamps, radios and other electrical components.Today, they manufacture some of the best value-for-money headphones, headphone amps and audio connector cables available. LINDY has become a firm favourite with everyone from corporate customers to colleges and home users.

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