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Hearing Protection - Etymotic

Hearing Protection - Etymotic

An earplug is a device that is inserted in the ear canal to shield the user's ears from loud noises or excessive wind. Also known as ear protectors, ear defenders, earsleeves, or eartips, an earplug is the definitive solution for DJs, professionals and music enthusiasts who wish to protect their hearing from permanent damage.

Earplugs are designed to attenuate sounds evenly across the audio band and thus minimise their effect on the user's perception of bass and treble levels. Dangerous levels of frequency exposure is minimised with the benefit of staying connected with the environment even for longer periods of exposure.

About Etymotic

Etymotic Research, Inc. is an engineering-driven research, development and manufacturing company. The name "Etymotic" (pronounced "et-im-oh-tik.") means "true to the ear." Mead Killion, Ph.D. founded Etymotic Research in 1983 to design products that protect hearing and earphones that enhance the listening experience of musicians and music lovers everywhere.

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