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JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amplifier - UK Plug

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  • More power, less noise and front-mounted controls

  • Fully updated and upgraded replacement to Objective2

  • Efficiently drives sensitive IEMs and easily powers demanding headphones

  • Equipped with 6.35mm jack, preamp RCA output and 3.5mm/RCA inputs

  • RCA preamp output controls volume on external sources

JDS Labs Atom Headphone Amplifier - UK Plug

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Our Verdict

"Atom is the new amp to beat for its price, it is simple yet has all the features you could need from a budget, neutral headphone amplifier."

Oscar, Headphone Guru

Essential Accessories

JDS Labs Atom

More matter and more substance, JDS Labs Atom headphone amplifier takes the helm as the new standard for audio performance at a budget price. Intended to take the place of Objective2, the Atom amplifier incorporates everything and more than the predecessor without raising the price. With more power, zero noise and extended connectivity the Atom Amp embodies the proud JDS Labs amplifier design evolution.

Atom Amp comes fully equipped with a smooth 6.35mm headphone jack, gold-plated preamp RCA output, and both 3.5mm and RCA inputs. With more than 1W of power into each channel, the Atom is more than capable of driving even the most power-hungry headphones with ease. Dual gain settings extend the ability of the Atom for use with highly sensitive IEMs as well as hard to drive headphones.

With no need for a separate amp and preamp, the Atom acts as volume control for external devices via its RCA output when headphones are not connected. Atom Amp is the most advanced amplifier from JDS Labs achieving the highest performance levels for all analogue audio requirements.

Power in your hands.


JDS Labs Atom


Preamp Output
Unplug your headphones and Atom Amp's knob adjusts volume of its RCA preamp outputs, so that you can control volume of your powered speakers.

Dual Inputs
Atom Amp consolidates the need for a separate amp and preamp. Connect up to two sources and select between 3.5mm and RCA input with the push of a button.

High Power
While most headphone listening demands only milliwatts, Atom Amp uses the same output buffers as our flagship Element Line, pushing up to 1W per channel.

Smart Logic
Designed for desktop listening, Atom includes microprocessor controlled relays that completely eliminate pops and thumps during start-up.

Dual Gain
Low gain of 1.0x is well suited to driving efficient IEMs, while high gain easily powers demanding full size sets when paired with a 2VRMS DAC.



Amplifier Performance

  • Frequency Response, 20Hz-20kHz: +/- 0.01dB
  • THD+N, 1kHz, 32Ω: 0.0008%
  • THD+N, 20Hz-20kHz, 32Ω: 0.0012%
  • IMD CCIF 19/20kHz 32Ω: 0.0002%
  • IMD SMPTE 32Ω: 0.0005%
  • Noise, A-Weighted: -114dB
  • Crosstalk @ 150Ω: -87dB
  • Output Impedance: 0.7Ω
  • Channel Balance: <0.6dB
  • Max Output @ 600Ω: 125mW (8.68 VRMS)
  • Max Output @ 150Ω: 502 mW (8.66 VRMS)
  • Max Output @ 32Ω: 1W (5.66 VRMS)

General Specifications

  • Headphone Output: 6.35mm
  • Analogue Inputs: RCA and 3.5mm
  • Preamp-Output: RCA
  • Dual Gain: 1.0x and 4.5x
  • Volume Potentiometer Taper: Alps 15A or 3B
  • Case Dimensions: 12.7 x 14 x 3.6 (cm)
  • Weight: 264g



  • More power, less noise and front-mounted controls
  • Fully updated and upgraded replacement to Objective2
  • Efficiently drives sensitive IEMs and easily powers demanding headphones
  • Equipped with 6.35mm jack, preamp RCA output and 3.5mm/RCA inputs
  • RCA preamp output controls volume on external sources
  • Ultra high power with up to 1 Watt per channel
  • Relay muting eliminates pops and thumps during start-up
  • Analogue amplifier section with 4-layer, star grounded layout



  • JDS Labs Atom Amplifier
  • 16VAC power adaptor (UK only)


BrandJDS Labs
Product TypeHeadphone Amplifier
Feature KeywordNo
Recommended UseNo
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Included Accessories16VAC power adaptor (UK only)

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Customer Reviews

Outstanding for the money
by Josepfe on 13/05/2020
I bought this amp after reading and watching many good reviews in the web, in particular at Audiosciencereviews and in mass drop website.

Although some may criticize the build quality (light plastic unit), and it is indeed something not impressive at all, what matters to me is how much power it can deliver, driving with easy all of my headphones, some of which are quite power-hungry (e.g. Sennheisers 6xx, Hifiman Sundara or DT 990 pro 250 ohms).

Its very low impedance out and double gain settings makes it also suitable for use with low impedance headphones such as the ATH M50x/MSR7 or the Grados RS2i/80e.

I also like the fact that It can also be used it with a second DAC via its jack-in socket and also to connect it as a pre-amp to my HIFI system via its RCA-out.

A very good product for the price. I'm very much looking forward to the release of the JDS Labs DAC, which would be the perfect matching for the Atom.

As good as advertised!
by Julian on 15/01/2020
This Atom replaced an old S.M.S.L. sAp II headphone amp. The big advantage for me is that the Atom supports two gain settings and I own a variety of headphones ranging from very sensitive IEMs with triple balanced armatures to full size headphones with planar magnetic drivers which require real power. I could use my planar magnetics with the S.M.S.L. but it was too powerful for the BA IEMs and also it seems its 10 ohm output impedance affected the tone.
The JDS Labs Atom works beautifully with both these challenging loads, and also with all my less demanding headphones too. I'm feeding it from a Topping D10 DAC via the RCA inputs. I didn't try the 3.5m line in yet.
The sound is great, really beautiful, and it never gets ragged, never sounds edgy or tiring. My headphones have never sounded better than when driven by the Atom, and the unit is unobtrusive, with a silent PSU, no bright LEDs, nice and obvious physical controls and very fine control over volume. I am totally impressed and satisfied.
by Mark on 07/12/2019
I'm not going to go into a long lecture about this product. What I will say is even though I thought I had great sound, my jaw dropped after adding this to my system. I have decent cables and am using this as a preamp to my main stereo hifi amp and the sound is sublime. Better focus, distortion is all but eliminated, it makes my music sound amazing.

For the money, in fact ANY money, you have to have this in your system. I'm so impressed I bought another one. Treat yourself, I can guarantee you will be more than happy.
by MltDaWeeD on 06/11/2019
First headphone amp was a used massdrop O2 from ebay, it broke one of the channels and was unrepairable by me re-soldering caps and what not, even diy specialists.

I brought this not expecting to get much out of my HD 600 I was happy with them even after they broke out of my iPod, but this... this amp does give me a bit more soundstage, everything sounds cleaner and cleaner. It's an insanely clean amp, even my brother who owns a £5k speaker system with a (Marantz HD-AMP1), said he can hear the cleanness of this amp's headphone output out of my high-end motherboard even (gigabyte H310-M), before my O2 went out with the ODAC, now i'm using a diy low-capacitance star-quad 3.5 to 3.5 mm from my pc into the atom and i'm extremely pleased with it, honestly I didn't think they could sound any cleaner. 5*
Clean, amplication for just over £100
by H on 28/09/2019
I got this on the recommendations on ASR forums and from various Youtubers.

This small unassuming amp is very clean and neutral and won't colour your source. I have it connected to Khadas Tone Board, which makes for ace combination and is very dynamic and punchy sounding.

Listening to Tool's new album Fear Inoculum (flac 24bit/96) - "Chocolate Chip Trip" on high gain with my cheapo Koss KPH30i the drums pound with such visceral power and realistic slam that it feels like watching them live on stage - and yes I have seen them live.. That kick drum! Seriously..

Bare in mind the build quality is not all that (mostly plastic) though its sound is worth it. Pretty much endgame for me, now I just need some headphones to match the rest of my gear!

Superb sound shame about the build
by B on 20/09/2019
The audio clarity and detail from this amp is superb for the money it costs, the two iinputs are very useful.
The biggest disappointment is the build quality, it is a plastic case using poor quality components, the volume control feels nasty this is my reason for the four stars.
by Jujoe on 28/05/2019
Best bang for buck amp.

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