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Universal Monitor Earphones - Shanling

Universal Monitor Earphones - Shanling

Universal in ear monitor (IEM) earphones are an easy and more affordable entry into pro audio than their custom-fit counterparts. While universal IEM earphones exhibit the same technical specifications as custom made earphones, there are differences in terms of fit, comfort and fidelity.

Universal in ear monitors isolate ambient sound by sealing the ear canal with generic silicone or foam eartips providing an off-the-shelf solution as an entry to the professional audio world.

Feel free to browse our wide range of universal-fit IEM earphones featuring prolific brands such as 64 Audio, Etymotic, Shure and Westone. Shop with confidence for the best online deals and expert advice.


The Shanling journey began in 1988 with the development of their first Hi-Fi stereo amplifier, which was received well in the audio community. Shanling have since taken a progressive approach with cutting-edge technologies launching innovative products every year that raise the bar of what is possible with personal audio.

Browse our collection of Shanling creations including wireless Hi-Res music players, amplifiers & DACs, and high-quality earphones that showcase the best that Shanling has to offer.

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