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Keep up with the latest headphone releases on our blog. Please do join in with your comments and reviews. This space is where you can share your reviews of headphones you own or to ask questions about headphones you’d like to own.

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  • Final Audio Pandora Hope VI - Review

    Here at HifiHeadphones we're no strangers to the type of quality products the portable audio industry can put out; however the Pandora Hope VI has surprised us all. From the retro-future 'Metropolis' looks of the Hope VI to the weight and the way they feel in the hand, we knew that these headphones weren't just designed, they were born.

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  • Dita Audio The Answer IEM Earphones - Truth Edition - Review

    The Answer Truth Edition is a dynamically driven IEM with a single 10mm driver; Dita Audio wanted to go for the simplest design in order to deliver the purest audio, according to their literature. Since balanced armature technology requires crossovers, multiple drivers and all the related gubbins, Dita went for the less complicated dynamic route.

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  • DUNU DN-12 Trident In Ear Isolating Earphones - Review

    The DUNU DN-12 Trident: This brand is making waves in the headphone world and I can see why – if they put this amount of work into their low priced headphones then I can only imagine what their high end models are like!

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