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Audeze LCD-4 Review

"The LCD-4 may not be cheap, but they offer up a neutral and clean sound that is effortless in every single way. Just make sure to get them a good source."

Aesthetics and Build Quality:

It probably won't take many people long to figure out where the LCD-4's come from, with their big bold look and chrome grills, you guessed it the USA. They are not subtle, they are not low key, they have lovely dark wooden housings, shiny chrome grills and a carbon fibre headband. Big leather pads and a silver/black braided cable, the LCD-4 look stunning if not a little OTT.

Build quality is superb, as would be expected at this price range. They are solid and well put together, with good materials and not a blemish in sight. The included cable is also excellent with great strain relief and thickness. They also come with an excellent case to store them in when not in use, the LCD-4 sure feel like they are built to last.

Audeze LCD-4


The LCD-4 are heavy, there is no doubting that. But the headband is well made to distribute the pressure well, and the pads are soft and well cushioned. Depending on your resilience to the weight of headphones, the LCD-4 are surprisingly comfortable for relatively long listening sessions. This all comes down to personal thresholds though.

Audeze LCD-4


Bass: Audeze are usually known for making headphones that have a warmer, more bass oriented sound signature, and that is true for a few of their models. The LCD-4 and LCD-X however follow a more reference style tuning, these handle the low end with effortless extension and punch without any bleeding or bloat. The low end is tight and controlled, and very accurate to the source. Every bit of the recording can be heard, the layering down low is expertly handled and they never step out of line. There is always a slight underlying warmth to the LCD-4, but they are not a dark sounding headphone.

Midrange: The LCD-4 don't tend to accentuate any part of the midrange, allowing them to portray it in an open and natural way. Again the layering really stands out, allowing every instrument and vocal track sit in it's own space whilst always sounding coherent. Guitars sound exceptionally good, you can hear each finger pick of an acoustic guitar, yet throw on something heavier and they have good crunch and energy. The same goes for vocals, every little detail is present and can be heard without much effort, this does mean they pair best with well recorded material as they do show up compression artefacts.

Treble: Snares snap, cymbals crash, violins sing, the top end is open and extended yet they have an incredibly smooth and fatigue free delivery. They are not exaggerated to sound more detailed or energetic, instead they offer up a refined and open sounding top end that is not distracting yet offers up plenty of insight into the recording. Tonality up top is spot on, they have great control and an excellent sense of space, helping open up the soundstage.

The soundstage is very holographic with good width, depth and height, it also has pinpoint precision.

Audeze LCD-4


The LCD-4 are a very impressive high-end headphone, with pinpoint accuracy and overall excellent sound quality. They have a slight warmth overall which is enjoyable, yet they also offer plenty of insight into the recording with excellent detail retrieval. If only they were a bit lighter.


Sound: 5/5

Comfort: 3/5

Build Quality: 4/5

Value: 4/5

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