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Best Earphones To Buy In 2017 - Video

"Here we have put together our favourite in ear headphones for 2017. Earbuds perfect for portable, audiophile and professional use from great brands."

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4 thoughts on “Best Earphones To Buy In 2017 - Video”

  • jeff

    This is indeed a good list of earphones. I had the MEE audio pinacle and the Dunu Titan 5 and they were great. Thanks for this article i think i will a new pair from your list :)

  • Alvin James


  • Neil

    I was wondering which ear buds in your opinion is better. The Dunu Titan 1 or the t5s. As the t5 are dearer does that make them automatically better.
    Also I now stream most of my music from Apple Music instead of listening on my I pod.
    I bought my audio technica headphones off you which I'm more than happy with. (Athmsr7)
    But I was thinking of buying the oppo h2 amp and dac. Will it be worth it or a waste of time and money. As Apple only streams at 256. And as I'm in my 50s as my wife says my ears will no longer up to it. Your opinion will be really valuable
    Thank you

    • John

      Hi Neil,

      Out of the two Titan models, the 5 is better in terms of resolution, dynamic range and punch. The Titan 1 does have a very wide and airy sound though; this is due to the venting on the earphones. The venting does cause the Titan 1 to leak more sound than the 5.

      The Oppo HA2 will definitely add to your setup, whether you use a phone or computer. If you want to get the most from your device then it is worth the investment.

      I hope that has helped. Let me know if you have any other queries.

      Best regards,

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