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Best Headphones Under £150 - 2016

"We have picked our best headphones available for under £150. This list includes full size, on ear, closed and open back headphones from brands like Sennheiser, KEF, Beyerdynamic, Fostex, SoundMAGIC and more."

We have compiled a list of the best headphones under £150. Our list includes full size, on ear, closed and open back headphones from brands like Sennheiser, KEF, Beyerdynamic, Fostex, SoundMAGIC and more.



Best Headphones Under £150

best headphones under £150 koss portapro


Koss PortaPro

Most portable headphones understandably are closed back so that they can isolate you from your surroundings - the Koss PortaPro is a great open backed option if you want a wide, open sound and want to be able to hear what's going on around you. The headphone's lightweight and comfortable design makes them a good sports option too.

best headphones under £150 thomson whp3001bk


Thomson WHP3001BK

The Thomson's are currently our lowest priced wireless headphones - but don't let that put you off. They fit over the ear, they are closed back and thanks to their floating headband design they are very comfortable - perfect for long listening sessions. Their sound is ideally suited for TV and radio.

best headphones under £150 sennheiser urbanite


Sennheiser Urbanite

The Urbanite was Sennheiser's answer to the popular Beats headphone movement and they have done a great job for a fraction of the price. These headphones have a warm sound with great bass that doesn't clutter the midrange and smooth, engaging detail. They also fold up and are very comfortable - great for listening on the move.

best headphones under £150 grado sr80e


Grado SR80e

Grado's SR80e is quite possibly the best open back headphone you can get for under £100. Being open backed you wouldn't want to use them in public - unless you want others to hear your guilty pleasures, but their lightweight build and exciting, detailed sound makes them a great option for home use.

best headphones under £150 lindy cromo


Lindy Cromo NCX-100

Lindy is still fairly unknown as a brand but they produce extremely good headphones at a low price. The Cromo NCX-100 is their noise cancelling model and it challenges higher priced offerings from bigger brands. They have superb build quality and comfort with a fun and engaging sound.

best headphones under £150 fostex t20rp t40rp t50rp


Fostex T20RP, T40RP, T50RP

Fostex's recent RP series of headphones give a lot of bang for the buck. They come as either closed, open or semi-open which means there is one to suit all scenarios. They are tough to drive so may need an amp, but will sound superb with a smooth richness and clear detail. The range also boasts replaceable cables and a great comfort.

best headphones under £150 soundmagic hp150


SoundMAGIC HP150

SoundMAGIC has dominated the low priced earphone market for a few years now thanks to the E10 and the HP150 is currently their flagship full sized wired headphone. The HP150's superb build quality, comfort and fold up design combined with their clear and punchy sound makes them ideal for portable, home or studio use.

best headphones under £150 beyerdynamic dt770


Beyerdynamic DT770

From one favourite to another - the DT770 can be seen in nearly every recording studio worldwide. This is due to their extremely tough build, great isolation and comfort. In terms of sound they are a superb all rounders with excellent bass and treble emphasis.

best headphones under £150 sennheiser hd25


Sennheiser HD25 II

The HD25 has been around for ever and they still have enough unique points to be current. They are extremely popular, especially with DJs and recording studios. Most of all they deliver great sound, deep bass, isolation, durability and pretty much every part on them can be replaced thanks to the amount of spares available.

best headphones under £150 kef m400


KEF M400

Finally KEF's entry level portable offers everything you would want from your headphone on the move. First of all they fold up, have a replaceable cable, are smartphone compatible and come in a range of colours. In addition they also sound great with a well balanced sound that is very enjoyable and easy to listen to.


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