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Best in-ear headphones to buy in 2016 - Expert Reviews

"Looking for a new pair of in-ear headphones? Our audio experts have collected the top rated and best sounding headphones available in 2016 and reviewed them. Whether you are looking for a new cheap pair of headphones or are after that ultimate audiophile earphone, we've got it covered."

Best In Ear Headphones Of 2016

Our audio gurus have collected the best in0-ear headphones from under £50 to over £500 in 2016 and reviewed them all to help you choose. From established brands like Shure, RHA and Sennheiser, to new kids on the block like DUNU and FIDUE and DITA, below you can check out our best rated headphones from the year so far.

Scroll down for reviews of our favourite in-ear headphones this year so far.

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Best In Ear Headphones Under £50

dunu detonator

First in this year's line-up is the Dunu Detonator, perhaps to reflect the explosion of interest in earphones..

They're bassy, with a clear midrange and warm treble where perhaps some detail is exchanged for a vibrant sound and a low price. They come with a microphone for taking those important calls, and will suit anyone who is new to earphones other than the generic ones you receive with your new phone.


soundmagic e50

Being good all-rounders, there is ample scope for the SoundMAGIC E50 to be enjoyed with all genres but the relatively flat response or neutrality of the E50 makes it a perfect earphone for vocals; particularly when accompanied by backing vocals. Percussion gets a nice lift also, as does any distortion effect.

Our full review can be found here: SoundMAGIC E50S In Ear Headphone Review


fidue a65

The A65 gives the impression of a long-lasting earphone which will be a solid performer for a good long while. As for their sound, rock music should be mentioned first as the exceptional midrange is perfect for guitars and vocals. Pop, dance and hip-hop are also well served, with an expansive bass and good detail without any danger of sibilance to get in the way.

Our full review can be found here: Fidue A65 In Ear Headphone


Best In Ear Headphones Under £100

shure se215

Shure's SE215 is the oldest design in our line-up, being released in early 2011. However it's still popular, which means it hits the spot with a great many earphones fans. Styled for on-stage performers, the cable goes over the top, and down the back of the ears. Bass is plentiful and powerful, with midrange and treble more laid back; but still a very fun-sounding model.


fidue a73

Fidue's new A73 shows that IEMs under £100 are facing challenges unthought of until recent times - there's fierce competition within the fertile £50 - £100 section of the market and it's getting better all the time.

The Fidue A73 can do it all, however dance genres can be enhanced very well with the tremendous bass response. Also rap music and pop for the same reasons. Older pop also does very well on the A73 with the clear midrange offering a crisp presentation of tracks which are 50 years old, further enhanced by the clear reproduction of reverb equipment and compressors which were used back in the day.

Our full review can be found here: Fidue A73 In Ear Headphone Review


Best In Ear Headphones Under £200

jaybird x2

These great Bluetooth in-ears will give wire-free piece of mind for those with boundless energy. Designed to stay in the ear with the help of supplied ear fins, they should remain in place during the most strenuous workouts. The sound is well implemented with a well controlled impactful bass, a midrange which is present and clear and a treble which is detailed but smooth so your ears don't get fatigued along with you!


rha t20

If you fancy a glint in your ear as well as your eye, the T20 from Glasgow-based RHA has a lot to offer. Both the build quality and the sound are solid.  The T20 was tried with a varied range of genres and does well with them all. They are as good with dance as they are with rock music with a good balance between bass presence and midrange action. Soundstage and separation prowess also lets genres such as jazz and classical shine. The T20 is a worthy successor to the T10, with several sonic improvements.

Our full review can be found here: RHA T20 In Ear Headphone Review


Best In Ear Headphones Over £300

audiofly af180

Soundstage and separation are as good as I've heard from a BA in-ear model, and the added clarity in the AF180 makes the space portrayed in the music very lifelike. Bass is just right in terms of power and placement - sub bass is present and gives just enough without threatening to take over. Mids are sharp and edgy but not breaking into a sweat, there is an air of effortlessness here. Detail is brought out and reverb decays can be followed right to the end, clearly heard within the mix.


dita the answer

Another of our favourite models, Dita's 'The Answer' doesn't wait for any questions, and gets straight on with providing some truly immersive sounds. Bass is rich and weighty, with an astonishing midrange. Treble is smooth but with clear and crisp detail, making for a wide soundstage with fantastic imaging.


final heaven viii

Unlike the more neutral Final Audio Heaven VII, the Heaven VIII is tuned with a richer and more vibrant frequency response for a lusher sound. Like all of the Heaven range, there's virtually no stridence or discomfort for sensitive ears, but detail is reproduced with no compromise. Bass is fully represented (thanks to Final Audio's 'BAM' technology) without getting too big for its boots, midrange is crystal clear and uncluttered, with treble as smooth as silk, yet superbly detailed.

Our full review can be found here: Final Heaven VIII In Ear Headphone Review

John from the sales team gives you a visual rundown of our top 10 best in ear headphones 2016:


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