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Best iPhone Headphones - Staff Picks

"As we spend more and more time with our iPhones, it's very rewarding to use their audio functions to their potential. The first step on this route is getting a decent headphone set - in this article we'd like to help you choosing the best for your requirements."

Using headphones while on the go is something that nearly all of us do, and with iPhones being used as portable media centres, you don't want to have to unplug your headphones to take a call. The quality of portable headphones has gone up so much that you don't have to sacrifice sound quality for the option of an in line microphone - Here is my pick of the best iPhone compatible earphones availablein our store.

Audiofly AF33M

The Audiofly AF33M delivers superb sound at a strong consumer value, the entry-level AF33M is an excellent multi-use in-ear earphone and offers best in class for value-conscious consumers that want a superior sound experience. Audiofly have come up with their own in line microphone placement, so instead of the mic and control being together they have separated them for ease of use and better voice transmission. When it comes to value for money, nothing beats these!

Sennheiser OCX685i

The Sennheiser OCX658i Clip-On Sports Earphones are the perfect choice for those of you that want a well built, great sounding sports earphone and in line microphone to be used with your iPhone. The earclips of the OCX658i stay secure to your ears so you no longer have to worry about them falling out or dislodging when you are pounding along on the treadmill. The earphones are also sweat and water resistant so they will be able to handle all you've got to throw at them!


The SoundMAGIC E10 gets voted the best in ear earphone for under £50 on a regular basis, so it makes perfect sense to go for the SoundMAGIC E10M. Still coming in under £50; the E10M gives you impressive sound quality with tight, full bass and crisp detail. Along with great sound quality you also get an in line microphone and controls for iPhones, an amazing combination for those of you on the go.

Volume DH-B38

Volume have come up with an extremely versatile portable headphone that is not only wireless, but has a built in microphone so you can also take calls. These headphones will connect to your iPhone using the built in Bluetooth technology and hey presto! You have a great sounding wireless headphone that can control your iPhone, take calls and is very comfortable... All for under £60!

Etymotic HF3

For those of you who want crystal clear detail and the best in sound isolation then the Etymotic HF3 is the earphone for you! The HF3 has superb build quality and with the amount of different ear tips supplied, you can find the perfect fit and possibly one of the highest levels of isolation in this price range. The sound you get from the Etymotics is not very bassy at all, these headphones concentrate more on detail and clarity giving a very crisp sound to the listener. The HF3 also come with an in line microphone and controls designed specifically for iPhones.

Sennheiser Amperior

If in ear earphones aren't for you, then the Sennheiser Amperior Headphones are a superb choice for portable listening and iPhone control. These headphones are designed with pro DJs in mind, so the sound is very punchy with plenty of good quality bass and great detail. They are extremely comfortable and very sturdy, just what you would expect from a high end brand like Sennheiser. To top it all off, nearly everything on the Amperior is replacable and spare are easily purchased from the Sennheiser Spares website, so there is no need to worry about catching your cable in the door!

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