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Best Portable Headphone Amps

"Our review of the best portable headphone amps - power hard to drive headphones with a portable amplifier."

Best Portable Headphone Amps

Just Audio uHA-120UHA-120

just-audio-uha-120 Just Audio specialise in creating smaller scale audio products that enable an uncoloured, natural and precise listening experience, Designed and Manufactured in UK. The uHA-120 is a small pocket sized class AB headphone amplifier with a lightweight and durable design for portability. Fitted with a high quality Internal Lithium-Polymer Battery, it can also be powered from USB. The Just Audio uHA-120 uses a discrete configuration, usually only found in larger desktop headphone amplifiers, to enable better alignment with the Just Audio philosophy of delivering a precise and uncoloured listening experience. Other features include a custom volume control pot upgrade. This version is the new Revision B model which allows you to configure the unit to a higher gain setting for full size or hard to drive headphones or a lower gain setting for in-ear or easily driven headphones. For those who want to use power hungry hard to drive headphones on the go Just Audio also do a larger portable Class A amplifier, the Just Audio AHA-120 . Everything right down to the components and the final PCB layout has been optimised for attaining the best possible audio quality. HiFi Headphones Verdict: The natural yet precise sound characteristics, British workmanship and solid construction make this superb little amplifier one you would be crazy not to consider. The option to raise and lower the gain setting means it will drive a large range of headphones and earphones.

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